Looking for Margin

I spent a good portion of this weekend coordinating a “ministry fair” at my place of worship.  I discovered what it feels like to work with people who know the art of encouragement.  I wasn’t the best person to lead this event, but I was “guy” anyway.  Quite frankly, details suck the life out of me.  I tend to be vision oriented…it’s the rhythm I dance to.  That said, the event went well.  Interestingly, one of my mentors (who happens to lead this group of people) seemed concerned about the amount of margin in the people.  He was speaking a common problem in our culture; over commitment.  We can all relate to that.  I believe that it was Peter Drucker who said we need to focus on a few things and stop doing the rest.  Here’s a list to give you a hand in creating more “margin:’

1.      If the event/task is not in your “strength zone,” then say no.

2.      Set aside time each week to reflect.  This should give you time to slow down and listen.

3.      There are only about five things that really matter in life.

4.      Learn the art of saying “no.”

5.      Give, (time, money, encouragement, love, hope and anything else that will help others) this will give vast amounts of energy.