Making Leadership Management

Watch out when an organization confuses leadership with management.  For example, your organization says that learning HR policy is key to your leadership development.  It is not.  Management is task driven, Leaderhship is vision driven.  For example, leaders paint a picture of the future that is clear (Max De Pree calls this "defining reality").  Managers make sure the sales conference has the proper meeting space.  Both are important, but dangerous if confused.  If this confusion (right up there with nipple confusion) sets in, it will erode the organization’s opportunity for "real" growth.  Cultures where management is interchanged with leadership are dry as the Sahara.

So what do you do if you find yourself in this state of confusion?  Just stop!  Get away somewhere and reflect.  What do you want, what makes you come alive, what are you willing to sacrifice, these are key questions if you want to get on the right road. 

Once you answer the "key" questions, you’ll gain clarity needed to grow.  By the way, here are a few suggestions if you want leadership more than management (management is OK if that’s what you want, but management is not leadership):

  1. Continue to read my blog Epic Living
  2. Read "Leadership is an Art:" by Max De Pree and "The One Thing You Should Know:" by Marcus Buckingham
  3. Get a mentor (someone who exhibits traits of clarity, connection and creativity)
  4. Get to know Jesus Christ (he was the greatest leader to walk the planet)
  5. Practice.