Discovery During A Time Of Rest

Summer 2010 016

Just returned from a great time away on the East Coast of the United States.  It was the longest holiday my family and I have ever taken and it is the main reason I've been silent from blogging.

I've been reading Simon Sinek's book, Start with Why and I took it along with me on my sabbatical.  The book is great, but more importantly it has ignited some discoveries that before were question marks in my Epic Living journey.

When I started Epic Living, when I wrote the book, when I truly committed to entrepreneurship as the portal for my mission, I couldn't (still can't) explain my motivations for doing my work other than; "I have to do this" or "God placed this in my heart to come out."  Crazy or not, that's pretty much how things unfolded-still do.

In Sinek's book, the essential question is "why?"  I have answered that question in head, but more importantly in my heart.  Maybe you already know this.

Epic Living is about helping people find and keep breakthroughs in the following facets:

  • The Spiritual
  • The Mental and Emotional
  • The Physical
  • The Financial

The activities that are impacted range from career, physical health, personal finances, leadership/personal development, and more.  To be sure, this story has not been fully unfolded.  In the coming days and months this will happen.

Here are some things to look forward to:

  1. The Virtual Coaching Cafe– An online place where you can get guidance and social community.
  2. Online Idea Share – An online place where you can house and organize your ideas, thoughts and dreams.
  3. Seminar Series – An in-person event series designed to put flesh on helping you.

More to come…


Why the Past is Past

If you’re in the mode of trusting in your past successes, then beware!  It is a dangerous trap that many leaders small and large fall into.  For some reason, our past triumphs lead us to believe that the future is discovered by them.  In many ways this is not so.

The past is a time-frame of occurrence.  It was a place of experience and opportunity (if we were awake for it).  The only value in the past is to “connect the dots.”  We derive learning and encouragement from those “dots.”

Don’t be fooled, the future doesn’t care about your past…it was birthed by your experiences of yesterday.

Start today by realizing that the future is about forward movement.  You must make a conscious choice to look forward…it doesn’t happen naturally.  If you’re living an Epic Life, then you know this is true.