Matching Your Values to Your Words

Do your words match your values?  Not to perfection, but do you live out what you tell the world?  Is your story verifiable?  This is important because if they don't match-up, your wasting time.  And time is a gift.

I had a conversation with my wife last night about a couple we know that is heading for trouble.  The irony is they know it.  But being unsure of what to do, they just keep going.  The husband is very successful in the career and money sphere.  And his pursuits are steering the ship.  I consider him deluded.  If you asked him he'd say he values his family.  Huh?

Now the deal is this.  Everybody has been given the management role in regards to their life.  So I'm not in charge-except in my own life.  That said, I don't think the couple I mentioned desires the negative outcomes of their actions.  I see them like so many others when it comes to their circumstances.  Many people feel like they have no options.  But We do have options, and a lot of them.  But are we willing to do the work that will leave us vulnerable, in pain or afraid? 

This is the Rubicon.

I know it's a harder road to be focused on your words matching up to your values, but think about the following:

  1. Who or what deceived us into believing that relationships, missions, careers, etc., are supposed to be a breeze to deal with?
  2. The life you want will never be handed to you in a box wrapped in red ribbon.
  3. Maybe others are watching you for the inspiration to go forward.
  4. As hard as it may be to hear, often we spend way too much time trying capture the butterfly of happiness.  Maybe we should be still for a second or two and let the butterfly come to us.
  5. Our values are who we are.  This is true even if you try to deny it.
  6. Voices from the past are a part of history, leave them there.  Stop trying to resurrect what is, and should be, dead.
  7. You are responsible-fully.

What’s Around The Corner


No one really knows what's around the corner-in any respect.  It frustrates us, confounds us and can generally paralyze us if we're not careful.  It's a battle and riddle we all do a dance with.

My core answer has been found in my relationship with God.  Seems fitting since he knows what's around the corner.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't always a pretty picture.  I still have things in my life that I question why he didn't warn about what was awaiting me.  Over time life has met up with a lesson that when first experienced seemed straight from hell.  Funny how that can work.  He knows that even the crushing blow can produce something beautiful.

But what about the stuff we mostly control?  Our career choices, our health choices, our relationship choices.  A wise man once told me that 90% of my life would be determined by the choices I'd make.  That's staggering when you think about it.

So maybe we need to focus on making good choices.  Maybe that has some impact on what's around the corner.