My 2011 Finds

The following are my 2011 finds:

  1. Rebels at Work-a great work from Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina.  It really is a movement that will have impact in the years to come.
  2. Hootsuite-yes, I know I'm late with this one.  Great app to manage your social media.
  3. Broken Music by Sting-A great book for me personally.
  4. The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls-a spot where I gave a couple of workshops. I don't think there's a better spot to do this.  A great place to stay as well.
  5. Take Time for Your Life-maybe an obvious, since we offer their experience.  The program has elevated my life.
  6. Gallup-Healthways-eye-opeing statistics and research.  Informs much of our work in the well-being arena.
  7. Joe Gerstandt-this ” target=”_blank”>video explains a lot about why I like him. Authentic, authentic and authentic.
  8. PenUltimate-this i-Pad app has been a game changer for me.  Haven't used paper for over a year.
  9. Gotham Gal-a great writer that is very tuned into the life she's living.
  10. AnyMeeting-my preferred method of conducting webinars and such.

The New Net-Worth

Measuring net-worth is a pretty linear process for many people/businesses.  Just subtract your liabilities from your assets, and voila you have your net-worth. Right?

Where I live (USA), we all are dealing with a new paradigm.  Some of us know it, some of us are denying it and some of us are just wondering in the desert.  Regardless of where you fall on that list, change has come. Our lives are different and I sense it's permanent.

It's interesting to me how old habits die hard.  Many are still rather obsessed about money and career.  Still partying on the Titanic I guess.  But what if money and career are only a part of your net-worth?  Sort of like two rooms in your house versus the entire dwelling.

In our work we advise people to see their net worth in way that is representative of their entire life…8 areas specifically.  The illustration below will reveal what those eight areas are:

Wheel of Life 
If I asked you to calculate your net-worth based on the wheel, how much would you be worth?  Are you in the black or in the red?  How prepared are you for the harsh winds of change?  And by the way, there are some who make six-figures who are actually very poor.  It is tragic.

I think you've probably figured out that my post is not designed to get you to abandon money and career.  But it is designed to get you to put things in their proper place.  A place where you begin to integrate the 8 areas in a deliberate way.

Yes, it is tough work.

The take-away here is found in that new paradigm.  If you think focusing only on career and money is a sound strategy, then I have some bad news for you.  It worked (or so we deluded ourselves into believing) during the days of continual prosperity.  But the truth is, it never worked and it certainly won't work now.  We have now entered into an age where the danger of ignoring/neglecting our total life will produce catastrophic results.  Maybe you've lost your job of 20 years and you never took the time to pay attention to your mental health, so managing the stress of job loss is crippling.  Maybe your marriage has crumbled around you and your wondering why you didn't spend time listening to your spouse's needs.  You get my point.

Turn around while you can, things have changed.  If you're wondering how this work is accomplished, then stay tuned.  We'll be working with our strategic partner Take Time for Life to present an experience that will show how managing your life (totally) can be done.

Take Time for Your Life

Take Time for Life Logo 

In recent months I've written and video posted about our new experience Take Time for Your Life.  Our "beta" launch was in late February and we've had some early success with individuals and organizations.  I am gratified by this.  The experience is now ready for launch in the webosphere.  Our first webinar will be conducted in late April.  Live events are in the planning stages as I write.

The why (very important) behind the experience is simply this:

    To have the life you want, you must take time for and manage your whole life.

The Take Time experience moves you from talking about the desire for a breakthrough to actually experiencing a breakthrough-multiple one's at that.  Our approach is focused on you, your way and your life.  We truly believe your the best person to define your life.  And most important the Take Time experience gives you the tools (online resources, subject matter experts, life-specific educational experiences, interaction with me, webinars, live events, live chat) needed to move you to breakthrough.

I am very excited about what this experience will mean for you.  I hope you will join us on the journey.  Your life matters, so give it the time it deserves.