My Top Finds of 2012

Here is my annual list of my top finds for 2012. It was definitly a challenge narrowing the list down, but I hope you'll find some inspiration.

  1. Wall Street Journal interview with Gloria Romero, an education reformist out of California
  2. Some great music I found from Bruce Hornsby.
  3. An article from INC Magazine on questions a couple should ask each other, when considering a start-up.
  4. The return (a much better vintage than the last two years) of an outstanding wine from Brancaia. One of my favorites.
  5. ” target=”_blank”>Central Park, NYC. A wonderful place for many, but a place of dreams for me from earlier this year.
  6. I introduced this exercise program into my well-being plan and it had a tremendously positive impact on my health.
  7. great charter school that I've had the pleasure of helping and partnering with.

My 2011 Finds

The following are my 2011 finds:

  1. Rebels at Work-a great work from Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina.  It really is a movement that will have impact in the years to come.
  2. Hootsuite-yes, I know I'm late with this one.  Great app to manage your social media.
  3. Broken Music by Sting-A great book for me personally.
  4. The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls-a spot where I gave a couple of workshops. I don't think there's a better spot to do this.  A great place to stay as well.
  5. Take Time for Your Life-maybe an obvious, since we offer their experience.  The program has elevated my life.
  6. Gallup-Healthways-eye-opeing statistics and research.  Informs much of our work in the well-being arena.
  7. Joe Gerstandt-this ” target=”_blank”>video explains a lot about why I like him. Authentic, authentic and authentic.
  8. PenUltimate-this i-Pad app has been a game changer for me.  Haven't used paper for over a year.
  9. Gotham Gal-a great writer that is very tuned into the life she's living.
  10. AnyMeeting-my preferred method of conducting webinars and such.