The Power of Courage


The power of courage is found in those who know there is something worth fighting for. Have you found something worth fighting for?

We're in the perfect age to be courageous.  The industrial age is over and things are still being shaken out.  With all of the twists and turns it can be daunting, but the results are surely in your favor if you take the steps.

Your art and work are found in this great unknown.  It is undeniable.

There is also a cautionary tale here too.  Many people are deluding themselves that nothing has changed, nothing needs to be re-set, we can still have that 20th century styled retirement, you can fill in more blanks here.  The future needs those who have a clear view and vision of how to live going forward.  And yes, it will look different from person to person. Those ignoring will either need to be helped (hope there will be someone there with a hand) at their awakening or will find themselves swept away to place they truly do not want.

The power of courage is rooted in a choice.