The Security Of Dreams

Had someone tell me last week that your target=”_blank”>authentic swing is found in the "letting it flow" zone.  Don't know why that analogy struck like it did, but Neal's got a good grasp on things.

Today I'm talking with a business partner and friend about the courage it takes to pursue dreams, and the courage to hold onto them when the head-winds come.  This is hard work.

What I find ironic and tragic about where we're at-America specifically-is most people view dreams as some outrageous risk.  In other words, something that only fools and gamblers engage in.

What if our dreams are directions to living out what was poured into us?  What if the Matrix is just trying to get us off course, so we will wake up to a life of regret?

There is no doubt in my mind that the greatest security and safety is found in our dreams-the authentic variety. 

Do you believe this?  If it is, what are you doing about it?


  1. Eric, I have found that depending on the person their dream comes in different forms and realities not always aligned to either conformity or extreme passion. The other thing that I find with my coaching clients is that sometimes the dream is in the little things that suprise them each day as they work and live along their path.
    The variety of personality types and behaviors that drive the persons engine will also be in play. Not everyone is visibly passionate –however, their internal process follows a passionate flow forward

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