There Are Many Reasons Why God Is Opposed To The Proud

Maybe you have heard the statement, or read the bible verse, about God being opposed to the proud.  Well, here are some reasons in our day and time that helps us understand why:

  1. Proud people don't give a _____ about you and I.
  2. Proud people tend to always want the credit.
  3. Proud people can not be trusted.
  4. If you're willing to listen, proud people will show their cards pretty quickly.
  5. Proud people will try to explain their dysfunction away.
  6. Proud people believe their humble.
  7. Proud people have a low reservoir of sympathy.
  8. Proud people are in your corner-when you're winning.
  9. Proud people aways see others as inferior.
  10. Proud people die lonely and alone.

Next time you engage with a person full of pride, tell them God is on defense.

By the way, pride is always knocking on your door.  Be careful.