Thirty Days Left

I asked a sales group last week what they would do if they only had thirty days left to live.  The answers to that question were telling.

The premise behind this engagement was a workshop around finding perspective in uncertain times.  We looked at a film clip of the musician Sting (a performance of a song entitled "Dead Man’s Rope," which details a man’s redemption before death).  After the the clip, we examined why we procrastinate, why we think we’ve got time and why we don’t slow down.  The thirty days proposition would only allow them to do what they were doing currently (working for the same company, working in the same city, etc.).

Here are the responses:

  1. Be more urgent about completing the "task."
  2. Connect more personally with each customer.
  3. Say thank you more often.
  4. Appreciate what I have.

What would your response be?