Unexpected Events and Accidents


I've been walking this planet long enough to know that most things in life are unexpected. I also don't believe in accidents when it comes to the fundamental movement of our life story. Call me a fool or heretic, but many who are wiser than me have aaid the same.

So when you get the call out of the blue (so you think) don't freak out. It's all a part of the plan. It might hurt you deeply or leave you with much excitement, but just breathe and go where the road is leading.

All of this comes with a warning.  If you have been goofing around with your life and not managing it, then an unexpected call or seemingly random accident will wreck you.  That's my disclaimer.

Here's to the unexpected events and accidents.

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  1. Eric,
    This blog post makes a great point. Sometimes what seems like small and simple things, have a great effect on us that changes where we end up. There have been so many times where something unexpected came up that changed my life in amazing ways.
    Several years ago I lived in New York City. I had an experience where I was out walking around one morning with one of my roommates. We decided to stop back at our apartment to grab some things. After a few minutes we began to leave. Then in a moment, my roommate realized he had forgotten something. We walked back up the stairs to the apartment. Right then there was a drive-by shooting in front of our apartment. Had we continued to leave, we would have been right in the line of fire and could’ve been killed. I feel that the small act of walking back to our apartment was inspiration and saved my life, even though in the moment it was an annoyance.
    Thanks for the great post! Brandon

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