Watch Out for the Blocks

Spoke last week to a group about blocks to their spiritual journey.  It made some uncomfortable, and that was a good thing.  Discomfort can cause one to think harder about things that comfort allows you to ignore.

Have you thought about your blocks, specifically those in your career? 

I don't recommend focusing too much attention on blocks, but managing and eliminating, so you're best can come thru, is the wisest approach.  Blocks are there to be dealt with.  I'm amazed at how often they're allowed to take on roots in our career garden.

Here are some "blocks" that can be very detrimental as you navigate your career:

  1. Insecurities – these are dangerous because we often agree with them in our minds and hearts.
  2. Comfort- it creates a false sense of security.
  3. Intolerance – specifically, of new ideas, new people or new markets.
  4. Inward focus – cripples your desire to network and to learn from the outside world.
  5. Lust – a maddening desire for whatever causes an itch.  Think power and promotion here.
  6. Career – too much on this one and you'll forget that life is more important.
  7. Lack of vision – lack of vision is a block to seeing a great future.
  8. Apathy – an mindset rooted in; "I've heard it all before."  If you have a pulse you haven't heard it all before.