What Happened When I Was Told To Leave

At various points of my writing here, I’ve pointed to my experiences when I was told to leave my last job in corporate America.  I always tried to write in a way that wasn’t caustic or mean-spirited.  I wanted to inspire versus protest what seemed, at the time, an injustice.  The former was the right choice, because my being told to leave was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I write that now due to time passing.

Considering all of the news about job cuts and recession, I thought I would detail some specific results of my ceremonious departure from corporate America:

  1. I could breathe again.  It was as if I discovered that I was truly alive.
  2. I could see my journey without someone always trying interrupt and sabotage.
  3. I discovered that my career was a contributer to my life and not my whole life.
  4. It hurt.
  5. I became aware of what and who I was neglecting.
  6. I found out who was really for me.
  7. I became more compassionate toward those who followed me.
  8. I embraced the first chapter (Be Authentic) of my book.
  9. I learned that change takes time (sometimes a lot), but it is worth it.
  10. I learned to do things I would never have while watching my life ebb away in corporate America.

The ten results are only a snapshot of what materialized after my departure.  In the end, what seemed like a rupture, was a magnificent change in the flow.  A flow to where I’m supposed to be.

Be encouraged…