What Others May Not See


What if you're the guy or gal who has decided to embrace change, even if you're not sure what that change may bring?  I applaud you if you are.  It's healthy and the life you want is paved with your willingness to move forward.

How about those that decide not to go with you?  Not a huge deal when it's the co-worker who likes to gossip or the brother-in-law that seems to think he has the best plan for your life.  But when it's someone you love or someone you call a friend it can stop you in your steps.  You might even think about going back to Egypt.  A place you think, even if it was miserable, as a safer bet with no resistance.

From my own experience it is never easy to change.  And conversly it is not easy for those that are watching or playing a part in your motion picture-your life.  Your changes may be a source of discomfort, construed as a violation of a committment you supposedly made, or like the fool who believes only the stuff flowing through their head, you refuse to be the person they define you to be.

Here's what I've done so far to manage what others may not see on my journey:

  1. Let go.
  2. Open my eyes up so that I can see new friends (thank you Marc, Ed, Anna, Mike).
  3. Give those who are trying to stick with you a chance(s).  Not everyone moves at the same pace, but they must be moving.
  4. Remember, the world need the person you're becoming.
  5. Don't expect applause, don't think you can change people, and it accept that some relationships were intended for only a season.



  1. Eric,
    It seems like as people get older they begin to like change less and less, but those who embrace it are the ones who really succeed in life. People that take advantage opportunities that come, begin to have more opportunities come their way because they are willing to change even when it is a challenge at times. Thanks, Brandon

  2. Tony-Well stated! Life has its way of throwing us curves, which creates the change sometimes. Thanks for commenting and sharing a glimpse of your journey.

  3. Great summary. As someone who has experienced significant change over the last 5 years in particular and has tried to embrace it, it is a good reminder that:
    others may not change because you do and, as important, may not recognize or actually resist it.
    Change requires re-evaluation … often of things you thought would not be affected

  4. I can relate to this as I am completely out of my comfort zone embarking on this new journey of mine. At first it was so difficult when people that I thought I knew and thought were my friends, did not even try to support me in any way. It was such a painful feeling, but I have moved on to meet new people that have my best interests at heart.
    I still cannot be sure if it was the right thing for me, but I have to give it 101%!

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