Which Way Is Up?

I sat in a meeting today where the discussion was centered on “next steps” relating to yesterday’s event.  I’m suspicious of “events.”  They’re momentary lifts in behavior.  I think organizations like them because of the ease associated.  It’s much harder to do something daily.  Confronting our daily dysfunctions is difficult.  As various opinions were given, I just observed.  Observing is a great exercise.  So much is revealed when we slow down.  I spoke only once, but this brought a high dose of silence.  “We must exhibit, on a personal basis, the behaviors we want to see in the people we lead,” is what I proclaimed.  We have a glaring weakness in the area personal accountability.  This is more than likely the reason we put on events, rather than daily development.  As we seek greatness growth and development are the keys to being effective.  I am going to write a growth and development program for my organization.  A more detailed version of the Epic Living Influence/Strengths Program would be a great start.  What they will do with it is in question.