10 Reasons I Practice Yoga

Yoga. There are so many benefits in practicing yoga, I could stop here and let you do your own research. But I won’t do that because I want to give you some insight into my experiences with yoga. Here are some random thoughts:

  • Yoga has improved my blood pressure
  • Yoga has help center me
  • Yoga has sharpened my focus on the personhood of God
  • Yoga has built my strength and flexibility
  • Yoga has quieted my obsessive mind
  • Yoga has helped my overall wellbeing
  • Yoga has played a major role in my epic living
  • Yoga has challenged me mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Yoga has helped me see the importance of nutrition
  • Yoga has become a habit

I am no where close to being a master of this art. I am, however evidence of the power that comes from practicing yoga. Talk to your doctor about the risks and rewards, then start slow.