We want to help you find the Epic Life. The one defined by YOU.

Epic Living is on a mission to help people and organizations experience breakthroughs in wellbeing. We help you manage the key areas of life that tend to be most important and teach you how to integrate them on a daily basis. It is wellbeing defined by YOU, the only wellbeing that sticks.

Here’s how it works:

We use tools like coaching, workshops and training to help organizations create environments where their people can grow and help individuals find and live out an Epic Life. If it’s just YOU, then we craft a plan that moves you to your desired spot. In the end, it’s all about YOU and getting a breakthrough. 

Epic Living partners with each individual and organization to chart a course unique to their desired breakthrough.  There are no “cookie cutter” approaches, only specific plans that the individual and organization can live out  Let’s not wait, there’s work to be done and an Epic Life to find.  Send an email to learn more.

The brief video clip below, on work-life balance, will help fill in some blanks and give you a sense of the “why” of Epic Living:

How Our Clients Feel

“…I am a better leader because of what Epic Living has brought to my life.”

“Eric Pennington’s kind, challenging, honest coaching helped me form a concrete vision…”

To learn more give me a ring.

About Eric

Eric Pennington is the Founder of Epic Living, LLC, a people development movement that helps organizations and individuals discover their wellbeing and personal growth potential. In other words, the Epic Life.


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