Want a remarkable speaker?  Want an interactive conversation?

Your organization can bring Eric in for an epic conversation. Eric calls his speeches epic conversations because conversations are how we connect.

Whether your group is made up of one hundred or one thousand, Eric can deliver a captivating message. We have conversations about the below topics, or can work with you to develop an Epic message about a current topic with which your organization is struggling.

With the release of his new book Waking Up In Corporate America: The Seven Secrets That Opened My Eyes, Eric Pennington takes the audience on a journey of discovery. Eric defines, in detail, what each secret is all about, while giving clear direction on how they can make each secret applicable to their own work life. Whether it’s a secret on personal branding or living a life of influence, audience members will be inspired to move their careers and life to a higher level. This speech topic is also available in a one-day workshop by the same name.

Our business culture has proven that you can get far with skills. Whether it’s an advanced degree or knowledge of specific marketing disciplines, many have reached heights only dreamed of by others. Sadly, though, that same culture has proven that a lack of character will ruin our best intentions. How can we move this lopsided equation between character and skills development to a balanced state? In his speech on Character and Skills Development, Eric Pennington shows the audience specific steps every leader must take to make sure their character and skills are rightly balanced. Each audience member will come to understand that one can be highly skilled, and yet be a person of high character.

Have you ever wondered if your life and work is authentic? Would your endeavors pass a lie detector test? As Bagger Vance (from the motion picture The Legend of Bagger Vance) said, “Judah might win if he finds his authentic swing.” In this speech Eric Pennington helps audience members evaluate where they’re at today and gives specific steps to finding their authentic swing-lost or never discovered. The audience member will be challenged and inspired to move to a place they’ve always dreamed of-a land called Authentic.

In this compelling talk, Eric Pennington shows his audience that the greatest of us all is the one who serves. Audience participants will learn why much of corporate America has lost its soul, due to following a self-serving model. Eric shows those in business-public or private-that much power comes with serving. Specific steps are illustrated to show that businesses, communities and education systems are transformed by embracing the power of serving.

What if risk isn’t the problem? What if risk is something to be embraced? In a time when our news is full of stories that portray risk as enemy number one, Eric Pennington reverses our course and teaches us that risk is your friend and not your enemy. Each audience member will hear about Eric’s experiences with risk as a corporate leader and entrepreneur. The audience will connect with Eric’s inspiring examples of how risk can be managed in business and life.

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