The Well-Being Guide: Making the Most of Life and Work

The Well-Being Guide: Making the Most of Life and Work is a tool that helps the reader gain momentum and clarity, in the sometimes-confusing maze called life and work. The book is a simple and straightforward volume that covers subjects as diverse as parenting, finances, relationships, career, and more. Every subject contains experiential insight from the author, questions to promote thought and areas to write notes. The book is perfect for individuals, and organizations who seek to improve the well-being of their people.

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What Readers Are Saying About The Well-Being Guide:

“Are you where you want to be, both professionally and personally? These are the questions that Eric Pennington puts to you in a straight forward, to the point format. If one takes the time to answer the questions put to them in his book honestly, they may find they are in need of a life course adjustment. I can honestly say that, at 51 years young, I learned quite a bit about myself while reading Eric’s latest book. I highly encourage those that want to do a truly honest self-assessment of themselves to take the time to read this book.” ~ John

“This is a great read and can really make you think. I love the fact that it isn’t just a book you read from cover to cover, instead you are truly involved and you add your thoughts throughout the book. Additionally, you can pick it up at any point and read that particular section. Test yourself, be vulnerable and be truthful; you’ll get great things out of this book.” ~ Matthew

“I just read Eric’s book, The Well Being Guide. As a middle aged man or woman, it’s great food for thought, reflection and maybe direction . Quick read, but impactful.” ~ Otto


Waking Up in Corporate America: The Seven Secrets That Opened My Eyes

In an ever changing workplace comes a book that challenges conventional thought and practice within many organizations. Waking Up In Corporate America: The Seven Secrets That Opened My Eyes chronicles the experiences of Eric Pennington through a 15-year career inside Corporate America. Each chapter points to principles that changed the way Eric saw his work, his career, and his life. Whether your role is managing a group of 100 or helping customers on the front line, you will be inspired by this book to move to a better future. Read and find out how these seven secrets can open your eyes.

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