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Character and Skills

A mentor of mine reminded me this week of something I’d heard before, but didn’t really understand until now.  He told me that one of the biggest threats to a… Read more »

Ethics Anyone?

Today it was revealed that Cablevison back-dated stock options for a deceased vice-chairman.  Sounds like they pulled this one right out of Richard Daley’s how-to-win-an election playbook.  This link from… Read more »

The Book

Just finishing up editing (my review for flow and typos) and then off to my professional editor for the book project.  I’ve changed the title as well…I’ll wait til later… Read more »


I found this piece in today’s Wall Street Journal (wsj091806.pdf) and it registered with me.  It spoke volumes about how long it can take to truly define success.  Each of… Read more »

Evaluating Losses

It occurred to me today that we can easily miss evaluating losses.  You might call it a review of mistakes and/or failures.  Either way it is valuable to evaluate when… Read more »

Engagement or Fluff

See Tom Peter’s blog entry on engagement in the workplace.  Been discussed here often, but nice to see others writing about it.  Even if you don’t believe in statistics you’ll… Read more »

The NCAA and Procedures

Malcom Gladwell has a penetrating blog entry on the insanity of the NCAA.  If you’ve read any of his books, you know what a good writer he is.  What he… Read more »


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