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Situational Mentoring

The following video is from 2010 and is an important reminder as you choose a mentor(s).

The Power of a Video Resume

In the market we find ourselves in, I think it wise to stand out from the herd. One excellent way is throught the medium of video. In this post I’m specifically thinking of the video resume

After the Dream

What do you do after the dream? Do you revel in the possibility of what, at this point, exists in your head alone?

The Man in the Chair

I know that on the face of it, seeing a man in a wheelchair is not strange. I would agree with that. But this man was bright, alert and Engaged with the sport being played out on the screen in front of us in the waiting room. Stay with me.

Why We Need Critical Thinking

We need critical thinking more than ever. Critical thinking is not only a skill that is vitally important, it is often ignored in our daily lives.

Fear and Greed

This post was originally written in 2006, it was timely then and timely now. Is your organization paying attention?

Life in Motion

Life is in motion and in a constant state of flow-forward.

Five Questions with Amy Shea, Author of Defending Happiness

Had the pleasure of conducting this interview with Amy Shea, author of Defending Happiness. Love her insights and the experiences that forged them.

Thankfulness in the Midst

This post was written in November of 2008. I’m dedicating it today to a dear friend who has refreshed my belief in thankfulness.


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