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Finding Inspiration

When I found my whole life, I began finding inspiration in places I didn't expect. I found inspiration in places that I had little time for in my hectic corporate… Read more »

What God Takes Away

Thought about my dad today and what God takes away. Certainly that implies that something, or someone, was given. I see that now. As I was processing, I asked myself why I would still be writing about him.

Calling All 21st Centruy Pioneers

To say we live in an age of rapid change would be an understatement, so I’m calling all 21st century pioneers to step-in. For obvious reasons.

World Economic Freedom and the United States

This infographic tells a pretty compelling story. How the United States is doing regarding ecomonomic freedom really stands out to me.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Are You Restless?

I heard a “motivational coach” once say that people need quick coaching. In a sound-bite world like ours, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe he thinks that if it takes longer than ten minutes, people won’t move. Is this true for you? Are you restless?

Seize the Day

I’ve always loved the movie Dead Poet’s Society. This clip sums up so much. In the end, a choice every human must and will make. Seize the Day!

Ideas Are Not Enough

Ideas are not enough in business and personal. There was a point in my entrepreneur journey, though, when I believed having a great idea was enough. It isn’t.

Who Do You Connect With on Social Media?

The following infographic really does a good job at informing on how social media impacts job seekers and students. Much talk about this lately and forewarned is forearmed

Candor and Clarity

I’ve written before about the importance of clarity on the part of managers. Most of that was directed at mid-level managers who are often tasked with leading individual contributors. This post is directed at those who are steering at the senior level. It may be an obvious, but candor and clarity is an essential element as you consider the following:


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