The Eighth Called Family

I thought this would a post worth repeating, considering Monday's post on parenting.

Ask almost anyone you know about how important family is and I'm sure you'll get a unanimous "very."  Obviously, not everyone's family looks or acts the same.  Nor does the importance factor apply to all assoicated.  But one thing's for sure, whether it's a mother, a child or a wife, family is very important to most.  It's a heart thing like no other.

Then why is it so ignored and why is it a struggle to manage?

My experience says we live in an age of what we feel versus what we do.  It's a dangerous yet romantic exercise.  On one hand we think and feel the emotional high of family, and on the other we trample them under the foot of our pursuits.  I haven't even mentioned  the hard work that is found in family relationships.  Not many a newlywed is interested in hearing that the man lying next them will often leave the toilet seat up or have a serious problem with resolving conflict.  

So all of this leads us to the question of; is there a way to manage and nurture family and still be able to have all the other stuff of life balance out?  Absolutely!  But you'd best do this before they (employer, business partners, schooling) start passing around the kool-aid.  Very difficult to turn around if you've sold your soul.  That said, it's never too late.  It's never too late to properly order your life around the 8 areas of life.  It takes courage and commitment, but it's never too late start the journey.  I'm always fascinated by the trickery we play in our heads.  For example, "I'm not smart enough" or "I'm too old."  If you truly want this life to be well, then the excuses have to stop.  And with all the obstacles I believe.

So what's this "properly ordered life look like?  Quite simply, you integrate the 8 areas of life into your daily existence.  You won't be perfect and it is tough work.  However, there is one result I know you'll appreciate; a life well-lived.  And for the sake of this post, your family will be as healthy as your career, your money, etc.