You Don’t Need Oprah

First, let me say, if one of Oprah’s producers called/emailed me I would respond.  But in the end, you and I don’t need Oprah.  Do I have something against Oprah?  Not in the least.  It’s all about what’s the most effective way to leave a brilliant life behind you.

Kevin Kelly and Guy Kawasaki have some compelling arguments in support of the above.  Even as you may see them as source of your desire.

The following list will give you more insight on why you don’t need Oprah (or anyone of her stature and scale):

  1. Your DNA demands that you follow a path that is greater than one held (imagined) captive by an A-lister.
  2. Find the few and reproduce within that group.  Jesus had only eleven learners and look what impact they’re still having. 
  3. John Wooden is well into his nineties and look at the ripple he has created.  By the way, his impact was forged in a game…a game.
  4. Eaglepointe Winery has refined the art of "less is more."
  5. If you need fame and fortune to feel better about yourself, you should get out of the business of people.  People are looking for a future brighter than the one they have now, and for leaders who will point in that direction.  Go make toothpaste; people will use it a lot and they won’t think about you and your need for glory.
  6. Shooting for mega causes you to embrace counter-genuine behaviors.

Those who are authentically into what you are doing are waiting for you to provide true value.  Don’t forget about their power.