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Better To Laugh Than To Cry?

Found this today and thought it worth posting.  It’s Cube Girl!  This brief video proves that humor is the last disguise.  Better to laugh than to cry?  What do you… Read more »

If Only There Were No Customers

Caught this today from one of my favorite writers at Wine Spectator.  Jim Laube writes about a personal experience with bad attitude service ("Attitude Can Spoil A Dinner, Too").  Considering… Read more »

Praise for AT&T…Sort Of

I’m really not piling on AT&T in this post.  But two weeks ago I got something in the mail that got me thinking.  It was a card alerting me that… Read more »

The Face Behind the Face

Want to know what your boss is really made of?  Want to know what your boss’ values are?  Want to know where you stand with your boss?  The following is… Read more »

Why Personal Vision Matters

I know a few people who are being confronted by a changing environment in their respective career paths.  It’s striking how they ignored the signs of decline.  There were evidences… Read more »

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

This is a picture of the Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann.  He’s on a crusade.  See Fortune’s article on who Mr. Dann thinks is partly responsible for the high foreclosure… Read more »

A Heart’s Desire

Cyndi bangs the drum on the following quote: "Your heart’s desire calls to you always; it will not stop until you hear its message louder than the noise of your… Read more »

Painting a Picture

These lyrics are from Everything But The Girl (Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn): British Summertime Leaving at dawn to beat the traffic, do you remember that too?Curled asleep on the… Read more »

Knowledge Worker Shortage Ahead

Those who know and read me, have heard my views on the coming shortage of skilled workers.  The demographics (baby-boomers) don’t lie, as well as the different mind-set that younger… Read more »

Advice for Your Start-Up

Guy Kawasaki’s post on "No Plan, No Capital, No Model…No Problem" is great for those who are thinking about making a move or for those that think VC is the… Read more »


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