15,492 Days

Tea Brewing

Updated post from the spring of 2008.

Sometimes the calculator can be your best friend.  Today I decided to do an exercise long overdue.

I added up the sum of my days on this planet we call earth.  That number turned out to be 15,492 days.  Birth, school yard wonder, working for a living, falling in love, and being found by the vision.  What a statement in a time when we have little time to stop and think.

The numbering of your days is important.  The following are my reasons for embracing the miracle and exercise:

  1. Numbering your days sobers you.  We can get drunk on success, materials and prestige
  2. In the words of a great songwriter; “we’re only immortal for a limited time
  3. Creates urgency to do and to dream
  4. Settles you down from worrying about things you’ve got no control over
  5. Makes you realize that safety is a myth.  God wired us for risk and adventure
  6. Helps you avoid regrets
  7. Kills the counter-genuine cells.  Screams the importance of keeping things real
  8. Makes you realize your terminal and that you don’t have to wait for a diagnosis
  9. Builds courage
  10. Makes every smell, taste and delight precious.  Sort of like a 2000 Barolo or the voice of Michael Franks

Number your days, because they’re numbering you.