The Value in Your Organization’s Social Network

Social networks are not new.  The explosive growth of external social networks is rather breathtaking.  There's more going on than a business plan though.  Social networks reveal a lot about an organizations employee base. 

It's smart business to do what Bank of America and Whole Foods have done with their customers by creating an online community specific to their brand.  But more should do it internally.  Losing a customer because you were not connecting through a blog is one thing (loss of revenue, cost of acquiring a new customer).  It's even more frightening when it's an employee.   

The alarming part, for some organizations is when the discovery is made around their own social network.  I mean the employee base.  There are a number of companies that think social networking is translated into LinkedIn, Twitter or Digg.  But as great as those tools are, they're not as powerful as your organization's own internal social network.

Some might say; "we don't need to have an intranet site for social netowking."  You have a community and it's ebbing and flowing before your very eyes, whether you know it or not. Could be organizaed or could be fragmented.  My friends over at Webbed Marketing specialize in building online communities, but they can't create what your leadership can't see-vision.

The take-away is; your people crave community.  And they'll find a way to connect.  The question is whether you (the organization) want to be out front in providing the path.

How Learn From My Life Can Change Your World

Ryan pointed me to this site.  Ryan Bettencourt is the co-founder of Learn From My Life, a place to grow for sure.  Their concept is to assemble leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs from many different walks.  Then allow them to dispense their wisdom via teleconference.  You even get to vote for certain questions to ask during the events.  You'll also find people like Lois Kelly and Daniel Pink presenting this month. 

What I like most about this idea is basing it on life experience.  I am an experiential focused blogger, author, coach and speaker, so it would not be surprise for me to dig what Ryan and his partners are doing

I won't give everything away, but you'll gain much Learn From My Life.

A Great Tool Named Twitter

You should consider (if you're not already doing it) writing on Twitter.  You can follow me there as well under the name epicliving.

I publish my Twitter posts on this blog (see the side columns), but your life is what Twitter needs now.  The cool part is Twitter only gives you 140 words to tell readers what you're doing, so you won't get into a time drain. 

Check it out.

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

I, like many of you, are on LinkedIn.  It is a great tool for networking and meeting new people.  It is also a significant part of your branding strategy, whether you know it or not.

Peter Clayton over at Total Picture Radio has an interview with Shally Steckerl.  He is the Chief Cyberslueth of JobMachine.  Shally is an expert in recruiting and talent management.  I picked up some great tips on making the LinkedIn experience better for me and my organization.

If you're a subscriber or regular visitor to this blog, I would be honored to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Twitter: Now I Get It

I signed up for Twitter in late 2007.  I didn’t really get it, even though I was inspired by Guy Kawasaki to do it.  Who really wants to know what I’m up to? 

Well fast forward and I got something from Penelope Trunk a couple of days ago.  So I decided to give it another shot.  So far, so good.  Maybe enlightenment has set in since I first started, because I really like it.  It’s short and sweet.  Twitter gives me a portal to do that.  I blog to inform and inspire in a detailed manner.  I will Twitter to give quick shots and moment inspirations.

Some have said that Twitter is a head scratcher, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Everyday life wraps a gift within 24 hours and I’ve found a way to give a few brilliant lights from my experiences.

The blog will continue to inform and enlighten in a detailed, what’s in it for you the reader way.

Start Twittering and discover how quick inspiration blossoms.