Meeting Marion in Central Park West

Celebrating the best of the Epic Living Blog, 2012. Enjoy!

This is a photo taken of me and Marion Margolis. We met on my visit to NYC last weekend. Marion was very kind to my wife and I on our visit. A seemingly accidental meeting as we were taking in the beauty of Central Park. The photo above was shot in Central Park West.

Marion is an author (among many things). She is a writer of 3 children's books. The one that intrigued me most was titled New Digs for Beau, about her beloved Dalmatian. She spoke fondly, with emphasis, about the her relationship with this special dog named Beau. I don't know if she knew how I was reveling in our conversation. It was so strange and familiar all together. This was important as I am making my way through a new chapter in life, and as I craft a second book.

I asked her about her inspirations and what her process for writing was like. Marion likes silence, I like music when writing. Two authors connecting on the process of writing. It's always intriguing to learn what sparks creativity in artists. She truly inspired me. 

Ever been to a place out of a dream that lived out like that dream? That's what my meeting Marion was like. It was like I was invited to participate in something beyond what I could have imagined. All of this and more, in a place called Central Park West.


  1. Thanks so much for the comments. My experience, maybe obvious at this point, was nothing short of dream come true. The city and Marion left a beautiful mark on me.

  2. I wanted to say how candid and lovely your story is about meeting Marion in Central Park. It is good to see people with open hearts. I am a native New Yorker and I hate the social stigma of New York residents being cold, rude, and unfriendly. Thank you for bringing this great story to light. FYI, I found your site through TFollower 🙂

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