The Power of Micro-Blogging

I use Twitter daily (look for me under “Epic Living”).  One of the people who follows me asked my thoughts on micro-blogging in the corporate arena.  I wanted give my thoughts around that and why you should embrace it as well.

First, micro-blogging is a cool way of giving your “fans” and idea of what you’re doing on a micro level-no pun intended:-).  On Twitter you have 140 words or less to do that.  You can click here to learn what I wrote there this morning.

So what about corporations/businesses using a tool like Twitter?  I think it would be a tremendous tool to communicate and to connect.  Imagine your company provides a piece of hardware for the iPhone.  Your CEO just got back from a conference where he met with Steve Jobs.  Steve told your CEO how pleased Apple was with your company’s service levels.  As an employee would you like to see a micro-post like the following?

    “Everyone, just had a conversation with Steve Jobs.  He’s amped about our service levels.  More to come.”

That kind of communication not only encourages and engages, but gives real-time information.  It’s better than email and IM, because in places like Twitter, you are in a community that has a look and feel of community.  And if you haven’t already noticed, people crave community.

You might say why not just send an email?  But at the same time someone could have said to Google, why not just stick to search.  Great tools are created when you go into paths not yet worn.  I guess that’s why they call it innovation.

Here are some thoughts on how micro-blogging could help an organization:

  • Community would/could be built and cemented-with customers and employees.
  • Organizations would see engagement rise-significantly.
  • Organizations would become more fluid and less rigid.
  • Courage would be found, because you’d have to take on HR and Legal.
  • Customers would have a compelling story to follow.
  • Customers would become more loyal.
  • Money follows those who do something engaging.


  1. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the comments. Your adds were spot on.
    Intimacy is a key driver in many facets. Organizations should embrace this, not fear it.

  2. One thing I’d like to add about twitter is that as a professional/social networking device it effectively creates a more intimate relationship between people. I’m surprised how many business connections I have met through twitter.
    I use twitter and my followers consist of mostly software developers. If you’re interested on a take that would be common to that type of twitter user, check out Deep Fried Bytes Episode 3:
    Correction: You actually have 140 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, etc) per message on Twitter.

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