Twitter Realities

I'm a user and fan of Twitter.  But I am also a thinker. 

Had a couple of new followers (or so I thought) join my community, but Twitter doesn't list them on my page of followers.  So are they following or not?  Time will tell.

With this issue simmering, I found this blog from Jim Long at Verge New Media.  I really dig his insights.  Coincidence or not, check out his thought provoking post on Twitter.


  1. Thanks Jim. Your comments are now mirroring my own experiences at this time. Not having any trouble with Twitter.
    I hope Twitter will continue to invest in making the experience great.

  2. Hey Eric! thanks for stopping by my blog. I wrote that post when Twitter was having TERRIBLE almost daily downtime issues. Fortunately, they seem to have gotten their act together technically and things are running smoothly. 🙂

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